Unfolding Brilliance

Say goodbye to self sabotage

& start growing your business with confidence

You Are Awesome.

 BUT the voices in your head say otherwise

You’re dialled in to I-Suck Radio, and even though it’s playing your *worst* hits on repeat, you can’t figure out how to switch off the station.


⦿ You’re Not Good Enough
⦿ Who Do You Think You Are?
⦿ You’re Just A Foolish Girl With Big Dreams
⦿ You’re Not Gonna Make It!

These Voices Aren’t Harmless

Without meaning to, you…

  • self sabotage with behaviours like procrastination as you miss deadlines and recycle important items on your To Do list
  • making excuses as as to why you can’t grow your business faster, or why you can’t start it in the first place (even though deep down you know these are bullsh*t stories)
  • playing small as you avoid the spotlight and putting yourself ‘out there’ because it feels safer to be invisible, which also means that you
  • avoiding the spotlight as well as putting yourself ‘out there’ because it feels safer to be invisible, which also means that you
  • miss opportunities to connect with peers and clients and stand out from the crowd

…and you find yourself getting stuck…

  • stuck in overwhelm as you spin your wheels engaging in busy but ultimately unproductive activities that don’t move your business forward in any significant way
  • stuck in fear, fear of failure, fear of being seen, fear of being compared to others and being labelled a fraud
  • stuck in self doubt constantly questioning yourself and leads you back to you playing small

So now what?

You can see what’s going on.

You know that ‘stuff’ is getting in your way, but what can you actually DO about it?!

What you need is a way *in*

to uncover the root cause of what’s really holding you back.

You already have all the answers within you

it’s just that you need a little assistance to connect to those deeper places inside of yourself and pull the answers out into the light of day.

While I have done much mindset work in the past, it hasn’t always gotten me very far as to actually achieving lasting changes that benefited me day-to-day.

Mariana’s work was amazing! The session got me to realize that the things I thought were holding me back, like imposter syndrome and being time-crunched, were actually surface factors that covered up much deeper issues that I had never realized were there, much less dealt with.

Within a very short time, she was able to guide my subconscious to uncover these deep internal issues and fears, and the foundation where they started. She then worked with me to plan a path to use this part of myself to help move me forward.

I now have a clarity and an understanding of how to access my internal knowledge and guidance to help me.

The best part is that I achieved the one most important outcome of what led me to her: I was able to work through my blocks and now have a plan to develop my new business around my passions (helping other moms create businesses they love.)

Michelle Dellavale
Marketing & Business Consultant

Dialling into your unconscious…

Unfolding Brilliance is a transformative 12 week coaching experience that does NOT include *regular* coaching sessions where we *just* talk.

In this program I take you through a step-by-step process where we tap into your conscious mind and shed light on the inner obstacles that hold you back from achieving your goals, and create a new plan to get you AND your business moving in the right direction.

Using tools and techniques I’ve used as a Transpersonal Counsellor the 3 of us work together:



Transformation Starts From Within.

The obstacles holding you back are within you.

The solutions that will propel you forward are also within you.

My role is to guide you into a deeper place within yourself, ask questions, listen and create a safe space and allow your answers to surface into the light of awareness.

The purpose is to build a bridge between your conscious awareness and your unconscious mind and bring it into alignment with your conscious goals so that you can take action from a place of self-awareness, clarity and personal power.

This is also where the magic happens.

Your unconscious mind becomes

a powerful business ally

when you partner up and align it with your conscious goals.

You Don’t Need To Be Held Hostage By The Voices In Your Head

When you’re able to break free of inner obstacles that stop you from being the best version of self and that stop you from doing the things you actually want to do, you:

  • lead with heart rather than allowing the fearful or wounded parts of you to control the choices you make
  • inspire because when you walk your talk you become a natural role model for other women, for your children and for everyone else in your community
  • trust your intuition and allow yourself to be guided by your inner wisdom
  • have courage to step out of your comfort zone and follow your heart rather than playing it safe
  • have confidence to move in the direction of your dreams by taking inspired action
  • free yourself from the opinions and judgements of others

Take a minute to imagine this.

Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart, and with each breath *see* this vision of yourself and *feel* it expand throughout your body.

This is part of the reason you started your business, right? To pursue something you care about and create a life that you feel awesome about every day.

In this 12 week program you’ll get…

  • clarity on exactly what’s holding you back as well as what you need to do right now to move forward in your business
  • tools to identify and clear your limiting beliefs, fears and self-sabotages
  • an accountability partner (i.e. me!) to help keep you on track with your goals, provide non-judgmental support and to call you out on b.s. when you need it
  • a personalised action plan to get you from A (where you are now) to B (where you want to be) in the next 90 dayswho

so that you…

  • implement more often and procrastinate a lot less
  • increase your productivity by prioritising what’s most important and getting those done instead of getting distracted by shiny objects, beaten down by negative chatter or derailed by self sabotage
  • achieve your goals more effectively and consistently
  • attract your soul clients because you’re showing up in greater degrees of authenticity and taking action to connect with them.
Are you looking to uncover blocks you didn’t even know you had? Are you willing to take a hard honest look at yourself to change your trajectory? Mariana helped me remove a block I didn’t even know I had in one session.

The bully on my shoulder was knocked off during our meditative exercise. It was shocking and energizing all at the same time. Mariana felt like a kind spirit. I was completely relaxed and walked away lighter and with a sense of confidence.

Michelle Conway

Chief Organizer at Perfect Life Organizer™

Here’s what’s included…

  • Twelve x 60 minute sessions with a 15 minute buffer — We’ll aim to complete the session in 60 minutes but depending on what comes up during the session, we may need more time to fully complete the session without rushing the process. For this reason, allow yourself an extra 15 minutes when scheduling just in case we need to go over time.
  • Unlimited email support which means that you can email me with any questions you have at any time. I will answer all questions on my response days which are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays CET
  • Mp3 recordings of each session so that you can re-visit and gain greater insights
  • Pre-session Self Discovery Fun Sheets and Meditation to kick start the process and get clear on where you want to grow to in 12 weeks
  • Post-Session Reflection Fun Sheets to help you get clarity on the beliefs and behaviours that both serve you and hold you back from accomplishing your goals
  • Goal Setting Fun Sheet that connects your goals with practical and achievable step-by-step actions as well as an accompanying
  • Activity Tracking Fun Sheet so that you keep sight of your goals and progress
  • Post-Session Weekly Action Plan — we’ll tailor your ‘homework’ for the week based on what came out of our session
  • My commitment that – providing you do the work – by the end of our 12 weeks together you’ll have a custom made plan with easy to follow action steps that you can take and run with on your own to realise the vision that you have of yourself and your business 12 weeks from now.


$2,400 USD

(payment plans are available)

If you’d like to work with me on achieving your goals this quarter and transforming your business from the inside–out,

I’d LOVE to connect with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not good at expressing my inner world – will this work for me?

As long as you approach these sessions with curiosity and an openness to explore what’s going on in your inner world – yes – this will work for you.

If you aren’t used to this type of work, it might feel a little awkward at first but, you might also be surprised at how easy and in-flow it can be when you drop into your body and allow your inner voices to express themselves more fully.

What happens if I'm resistant to this type of work or if something comes up that I don't want to look at?

You’re in control and aware of what’s going on the whole time.

You’re also the Boss and I’m your Guide on this journey, which means that you decide what you want to explore and how deep you go. You set the boundaries and I’ll always check in with you to see what’s ok and what’s not.

If resistance comes up and you’d like to work with that energy, then that’s what we’ll do. If you don’t feel ready for that – that’s ok – we’ll move on to something that does feel right for you.

The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and safe.

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