The Procrastination Prevention Plan

7 Days To Uncover What’s Driving You To Procrastinate

And Create An Action Plan That Works For You.

Unlike the price of procrastination, it’s 100% FREE

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You’re Qualified For This Assignment If…

You procrastinate – instead of creating content, connecting with clients and putting yourself out there, you get distracted by shiny objects, get sucked into the sea of social media and get gripped by a sudden and irresistible need to clean your house.

》You’ve tried a range of productivity tools and strategies but they’re not working because – you’re still procrastinating!

》You want to live in a world where achieving your business goals doesn’t feel like a hard fight against the zombie apocalypse.

Experience A New World Order Where

Procrastination Does NOT Rule

The underlying cause of your procrastination is unconscious, and until you figure out what that underlying reason is, you’ll keep bumping up against procrastination and not know why or how to change it.

This 7-day mission combines self-reflective exercises with practical strategy so that you can build a bridge to get from

where you are → persistently wasting time with distractions

to where you want to be → consistently achieving your goals like a boss, which includes your daily objectives as well as your big, diamond encrusted dreams ?.


Create An Action Plan

That Works For You

》During This 7-Day Mission You’ll:

1. Explore your personal brand of procrastination and uncover the what’s really driving you to avoid, delay and, essentially, prevent your business from growing.

2. Create a personalised action plan to help you nip those persistent procrasti-behaviours in the bud so that you can get on with the business of growing your biz and achieving your goals!


》What To Expect :

1. Seven downloadable assignments (a.k.a worksheets) that will be emailed to you daily over the course of seven days.

2. Step-by-step instructions (in written and audio format) that walk you through each days’ assignment where you get clarity on what’s causing you to procrastinate and, from there, build a personal procrastination action plan that’ll help you to stay focused and follow through on your plans and goals


》What You’ll Need:

1. A printer to print out the worksheets OR a pen and paper — ideally you’ll write by hand because doing it this way accesses different parts of your brain generating different ideas and you’re also more likely to remember what you’ve written.

2. Set aside approximately 20 minutes a day to complete the worksheets — some days may take you less than 20 minutes, and others (like when you’re creating your action plan) may take a little longer.

Meet Your Mission Leader

Hey, I’m Mariana Marinescu

Undercover Business Therapist

a.k.a. Transformatinal Business Coach

As a Transformational Business Coach, I help you to transform your business from the inside-out.

In my ‘past life’ I was a Social Worker and Transpersonal Counsellor, and when I transitioned into the world of coaching, I brought my therapeutic tool kit with me, so…

In the context of your online business, I use Transpersonal Counselling processes to help you

  • shed light on inner blocks that hold you back from growing (or starting) your business
  • as well as identifying and stepping into the qualities that you most want to embody as a confident, in-tune and true-to-yourself entrepreneur.

A core component of my approach is to work specifically with the unconscious part of your mind.

I LOVE the expression ‘to shed light on’ because it speaks to the process of shining a light and gradually expanding your field of vision to make known what was previously unknown. My style of coaching is all about shining a light on yourself and approaching yourself with curiosity and compassion so that you:

  • engage and embrace all parts of yourself to become more self aware and
  • bring your unconscious mind into alignment with your conscious goals
  • so that you can take action in your business from a place of self-awareness, clarity and personal power.

Don’t Procrastinate!

Connect the dots and create a Procrastination Prevention Plan

that works for YOU!

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Mission ALMOST Accomplished... Check your Inbox and Confirm! ♥︎

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