Activate 2018 (and Release 2017) with this simple process!

I love the expansive feeling of possibility that often accompanies new beginnings BUT this positive, wonder-woman-on-top-of-the-mountain feeling doesn’t always last.

There’s so much enthusiasm and positivity in the air right now and my question is:

How can we harness this energy and keep towards our goals when the momentum fades?

How do you create a scenario for yourself where you Don’t recycle the same goals year after year because you still haven’t achieved them?

We’ve all been there and — sometimes I still do this! It’s a work in progress.

Even though I have effective strategies to meet my goals, with 5 planets in Libra, I am astrologically challenged! I get excited and distracted ALL the time. Keeping on point is still a discipline that I’m constantly honing, although in some ways it’s not that hard to do.

  • Step 1 — Recognise when I’ve veered away from what I want to achieve
  • Step 2 — Be kind to myself. Shit happens and it’s only a big a deal as I make it.
  • Step 3 — Choose in the moment that I catch myself out — What do I want to focus on? What kind of person do I want to be? Do I want to be someone that runs away with distractions or that gently brings myself back and refocuses when I realise (step 1) that I’ve momentarily drifted off the path.
  • Step 4 — Engage with my goal, my intention, the thing that I want to focus on.
  • Step 5 – Repeat steps 1 to 4!!!

For step 4, remembering is key, especially when you’re setting a new goal or trying to establish a new habit, because it’s easy to forget what we don’t practice, so…

Keep the evidence of your goal somewhere VISIBLE!!!!

One practical wisdom that stands out for me is a quote by the author, motivational speaker & millionaire businessman, T. Harv Eker:

Where attention goes, energy flows and results show.

Something as simple as a Post-It note can be your best friend.

This might seem deceptively simple, but I promise that it works!

When you have a visual reminder to trigger your memory and your intention, it’s so much harder to turn away and avoid it, which in turn makes it easier to engage with it, create and achieve your desire.

To answer the question of — how can we harness this energy and keep towards our goals when the momentum fades?

Last night I did a quick meditative progress to release 2017 and move into 2018 with clearer goals and intentions.

There are two parts to this process:

Part 1 — you can either download and print out the FUN SHEET or grab your journal and write your answers there.

Part 2 — download this GUIDED MEDITATION. It goes for X minutes and it’s here to help you tune into yourself as well as to guide you through the questions on the Fun Sheet.

Take a breath — Put your hand on your heart — Press Download then Play and Let’s Go! x

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