Infinite Momentum

A Transformative 8 Week Program

to help you

Take Control of Procrastination and

Grow Your Business Consistently and Confidently.

One Productive Step at a Time.

What Kind Of Procrastinator Are You?

Procrastination is a creative force which, if channeled correctly,

can be rocket fuel for your productivity engine.


The bad news: By engaging in procrastination, you’ve been mis-using this energy.

The good news: We can fix this!

To get started, take the quiz below and, in your mind, tick all boxes that apply in order to determine your personal procrastination creativity level:

  • The Social Media Scroller

You spend more hours than you’d like to admit on social media, sometimes engaging, sometimes lost in scrolling – only to find that you’ve reached the end of the day with no new clients to show for all that time you’ve spent.

  • The Procrasti–Cleaner

Your house may be sparkling but your business isn’t shining as much as it could. There are days when you spend more time cleaning your house and doing the laundry than on putting yourself out there and connecting with potential clients.

  • The Shiny Object Chaser

You tend to get distracted by shiny objects instead of focusing on what you have to offer. You’ve enrolled in courses that you haven’t finished and signed up to webinars to learn new strategies that you then didn’t implement, instead of creating content and spreading the word about your own valuable services.

  • The Scattered Visionary

You tend to get carried away with new ideas, following your excitement instead of following through on current projects and commitments. It’s not unusual for you to miss deadlines, especially those that you set for yourself!

  • The Researcher

You’ve been known to spend hours consuming articles, blog posts and videos in the name of ‘research’ because you don’t trust that your expertise and what you have to share is enough.

  • The Perfectionist

Your attention to detail keeps you at a standstill as you spend hours attempting to perfect every word of your content instead of saying ‘it’s good enough’, hitting publish and moving on to your next big thing.

  • The Creative Planner

You love making To Do Lists, creating planners and organising your workspace for maximum productivity – except that you don’t actually do the work! Your To Do list items get recycled and deadlines come and go without you having achieved your goal.

  • The Busy Worker

You engage in ‘busy’ work that creates the illusion of moving forward, but actually you’re just spinning your wheels instead of connecting with your audience, booking in calls or growing your business to the next level.

  • The Snacker

You tend to visit your kitchen in search of edible distractions. You make snacks and cups of tea because all this procrastination is hard work and you need to replenish!

How did you score?

  • 0

Congratulations! Your levels of focus and productivity are impressive and coveted by aspiring productivity hackers. What are you even doing on this page!? You’re ready for the next level of business operation.

  • 1 – 2

Your efficiency has been compromised! Your focus and creative energy tend to get diverted and distractions lure you away from your client-attracting activities. With some recalibration, you’re set for success!

  • 3 +

Code Red! Your expert-level procrastination skills mean that your creativity and resourcefulness have been hijacked and your behaviours are sabotaging you. A serious shift in gears is needed to unleash vast potential, boost your productivity levels and start getting the results you really want in your business.


It’s time to make that call….


I used to be a pro-procrastinator

At one time, I would have scored a perfect 9 out of 9 on the ‘What Kind Of Procrastinator Are You?’ quiz.

I’ve spent several afternoons searching for the perfect website font, as if that was the magical elixir that would attract my ideal clients.

I’ve spent countless hours watching YouTube tutorials on bullet journalling and perfecting my own weekly planner, as if this would be ‘the’ thing to banish procrastination from my work day.

I’ve tried every productivity strategy under the sun, but none of those things worked for me because I’d still get to the end of the day and wonder:

Where did all the time go?!   
Seriously, did I accidentally travel to an alternate reality?
What have I been doing all day?

I was doing all the right things to set myself up for success – planning, prioritising, scheduling, structuring, time blocking – and yet, I frequently found myself taking unplanned detours. I’d create new freebies and content upgrades but then… I wouldn’t promote them. I’d research and create spreadsheets for podcasts that I could pitch myself as a guest for but then… I didn’t follow through…

The problem, I discovered, was that something on the inside was out of alignment with the goals I was setting for myself.

Consciously, I was making decisions to focus on my priorities and to be efficient and productive. Unconsciously however, another part of myself was avoiding what I was afraid of. On a deeper level, my fears and inner monologue sounded something like this:

  • What if I fail? What if I’m not good enough? What if I don’t have what it takes to build a successful business?
  • What if I DO succeed? The more my business grows the more I’ll be seen. Being in the spotlight is likely to highlight my flaws. What if people find out that I’m a fraud?!

For years I was caught in a procrastination fueled tug–of–war between my mind and the unconscious beliefs that were influencing my behaviours. Remember those unplanned detours I mentioned earlier – they happened because these beliefs were holding the map and my fears had a hold of the steering wheel!

My relationship with procrastination changed once I got curious and dug deep to uncover and understand the root cause that was fuelling my patterns of procrastination. Only then was I able to break through this barrier and actually be productive and do the things I said I would do, even and especially when I was nervous or afraid to do them.

Cue superwoman pose: I took back my power and there’s no reason in the world why you can’t reclaim your own power and become the mistress of your time.

Picture a World Free of Procrastination:

Growing Your Business Consistently + Confidently
Without Procrastination Hijacking Your Entire Day,
Your Week or Your Business Goals For The Year!


What if you could . . .

  • Create content for your business consistently, with confidence and ease

  • Create content for your blog and social media posts
  • record videos and live content
  • finalise your drafts and hit publish without your perfectionist or inner critic standing in your way.
  • Put yourself out there consistently, get known and connect with potential clients and collaborators

  • Share your opinion and showcase your expertise without, or despite, the fear of failure, the fear of being criticised or the fear of not being liked holding you back.
  • Connect with your ideal people, consistently share your insights and expertise.
  • Confidently hop on a FB Live, attend in-person events, book discovery calls, collaborate with peers, get seen and spread the word about your awesome offers.
  • Manage overwhelm effectively and eliminate those panic attacks and emotional meltdowns

  • Know exactly what to do, where to start, how to prioritise and how to break down tasks into manageable pieces in a way that actually works for you.
  • Generate more sales and reach your income goals

  • Increase your productivity and watch your income grow and your impact amplify as you consistently follow through on all your money-making, client-connecting activities.
  • Create a life built on freedom and flexibility

  • Cut down on procrastination and spend and spend these saved hours however you want!
  • Give yourself the gift of ‘me time’ that you’ve been craving, curl up with a book, create art, go for walks and spend time in nature.
  • Relax with family and friends without the guilt of having to get back to work because you’re feeling behind, or…
  • inject the time back into your business, into new projects and creating passive income streams. Your choices are endless.
  • Trust yourself

  • Deepen your self awareness and and build trust in yourself because you’re actually following through and doing all the things you’ve said you’ll do.
  • Tick every item off your To Do list like a Boss, even when you don’t feel like it because you’re in alignment with your goals and your unconscious fears no longer have the power to hijack your day.


How do you get a 6 out of 6 on this checklist?

I happen to have the answer . . .

Infinite Momentum:

Transform Procrastination

And Become An Unstoppable Force


‘Infinite Momentum’ isn’t a *regular* coaching program where we *just* talk.

Here you’ll meet your Inner Procrastinator.

The three of us – you, me and procrastination sit down over a steaming cup of tea as we look under the hood to uncover the deeper reasons for your procrastination – this is key. 

Then we’ll create a personalised plan of action for you to take back control of your time, boost your productivity and hit your goals.

I’ll take you through an interactive process:

Step 1 >>> Clarity

Identify exactly what activities and goals you’re avoiding in your business.

Step 2 >>> Discovery

Go beyond the surface level to get deeper clarity by tapping into the unconscious part of your mind to uncover the underlying reasons (the fears and negative beliefs) that are operating in the background and influencing your behaviour.

Step 3 >>> Alignment

Bring your unconscious mind into alignment with your conscious goals so that you can begin to follow through on your To Do Lists and action plans and start getting the results that you want in your business.

Step 4 >>> Implement

We’ll design a personalised plan of action that actually works for you because it was built for you specifically. Unlike generic productivity strategies, this action plan addresses your inner obstacles and includes action steps that align with your personality and your specific goals.

Step 5 >>> Momentum

Gain and maintain momentum through personalised tools and strategies so that you continue to build your business and be productive long after this coaching program has ended. If you should fall off the productivity wagon, you’ll know exactly what to do to get back on the path, continue to keep your focus, follow-through on your goals and tick things off your To Do list masterfully with greater confidence, consistency and ease.

While I have done much mindset work in the past, it hasn’t always gotten me very far as to actually achieving lasting changes that benefited me day-to-day.

This session was amazing!

Within a very short time, Mariana was able to guide me to uncover the deeper issues and fears that were holding me back, and the foundation of where they started. I got clarity and an understanding of how to access my internal knowledge and guidance to help me move forward in my business.

The best part is that I achieved the one most important outcome of what led me to her: I was able to work through my blocks and now have a plan to develop my new business around my passions.

Michelle Dellavale — Marketing & Business Consultant

Is This Right For You?

This program is right for you if you’ve ever said or felt:

  • I feel frustrated because I know what I should be doing but I’m just not doing it!
  • I struggle to get specific tasks done because I’m either leaving them to the last minute or avoiding them all together.
  • I’m so sick of this pattern. I want to stop procrastinating. I want to get my sh*t together, focus and follow through on my plans.

This program is right for you if you answer ‘YES’ to all of these:

  • I want to replace procrastination with clarity and an ability to follow-through on all my goals and aspirations.
  • I’m ready to take a deeper look at what’s really holding me back and do the inner work needed to transform my relationship with procrastination
  • I’m ready to take consistent action to grow my business to the next level, without procrastination coming along and slowing me down or taking me off course.

What You Get In This

8-Week Transformational Program

  • 8 x 60 minute sessions to identify the unconscious blocks that lead to procrastination,  create a personalised action plan where you achieve more and procrastinate less, and accountability to help you stay focused and create new habits.
  • Consistent email support during our 4 weeks together.
  • Self Discovery Workbook – this will be sent to you after you book your session and includes questions to give you greater clarity on how and why you procrastinate. Your answers will also the foundation for our session so we can dive straight in once we hop on the call.
  • A Proven Method – I’ll take you through a step-by-step process to uncover the underlying cause of your procrastination. This information will then be used to create
  • A Personalised Action Plan with clear steps for you to move past procrastination and take action on the goals that you set for yourself.
  • Action Step Summary – your action steps will be emailed to you after our sessions along with the
  • Mp3 recording of the sessions so that you can re-visit the calls for reminders and deeper insights.

If you’re ready to…

  • get  clarity  on what’s really holding you back and
  • get personalised strategies to help you follow through and achieve your goals  
  • instead of getting side-tracked by shiny objects, getting absorbed in social media, lost in the details of perfectionism, gripped by the munchies or a sudden, urgent need to clean your house then …

Let’s get started!

Click the button below to book in your Free Clarity Call

and find out what your next right step is.

Don’t Procrastinate!

Break Through Procrastination

And Tap Into Infinite Momentum


$1,750 USD

It’s not just an ordinary coaching session, it’s a real experience, discovering my unconscious.

This was the breakthrough I needed to make a change in my life and my future projects.

Sya A.D.
Performance and Leadership Coach

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