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Say goodbye to self sabotage

& start growing your business with confidence

This 12 week program is for women who know that creating the lives they want is all about working from the Inside Out and striking

the balance between Inner Work & Outer Action.

The steps to get there are simple:

Step 1  is to recognise that there are issues (yes, there are always more than one though one or two probably stand out above the others) that’s limiting your success, blocking you from reaching your goals and ultimately creating the life you want for yourself

Since you’re on this page, I’m going to give you a big  for your self-awareness.

Step 2  is to make a choice as to what you’re going to do about this obstacle.

You may already have done some work on this issue, but your self-reflection, journalling, meditation and to-do lists have only gotten you so far. At this point, you’ve probably realised that you need some ‘outside’ help to go deeper and make meaningful and tangible shifts.

The choice for you now is two-fold: “What’s the next right step for me?” and “Who’s the right person to help me out?”

If you choose to work with me, then the next step will look something like this ⤵︎  

Step 3  is all about Action and balance between our inner and outer world — going within to cause of the core blocks that are unique to you, and with that new information, creating a personalised plan of action that gets you results and really moves your business forward.


When your unconscious mind is in alignment with your conscious goals,
it becomes a powerful business ally.

I am a Business Therapist and work with women who know that working on themselves is one of the cornerstones of creating a fulfilling life and heart-centred business.

My approach is an unconventional fusion of Transpersonal Counselling techniques and business strategy.

I work with women who have, or want to start an online business, and use transpersonal counselling processes to go ‘within’ to find out what’s really holding you back, and then we create a personalised action plan that’s tailored to whatever stage of business you’re at to get you’re business moving forward (hence my title: Business Therapist.)

Transformation Starts from Within.

The personal obstacles holding you back from living the life you crave are within you.

Within you is also where the Solution and your Personal Power live, which makes it the perfect place to start this journey.

I talk a lot about the unconscious and the inner obstacles that hold women back, but what does this intangible concept really ‘look like’ and how does it apply to you?

To help you get a clearer picture, click > HERE < to read the SUCCESS STORIES of women I’ve worked with.

Are you looking to uncover blocks you didn’t even know you had? Are you willing to take a hard honest look at yourself to change your trajectory? Mariana helped me remove a block I didn’t even know I had in one session.

The bully on my shoulder was knocked off during our meditative exercise. It was shocking and energizing all at the same time. Mariana felt like a kind spirit. I was completely relaxed and walked away lighter and with a sense of confidence.

Within a very short time, she was able to guide my subconscious to uncover these deep internal issues and fears, and the foundation where they started. She then worked with me to plan a path to use this part of myself to help move me forward.

I now have a clarity and an understanding of how to access my internal knowledge and guidance to help me.

The best part is that I achieved the one most important outcome of what led me to her: I was able to work through my blocks and now have a plan to develop my new business around my passions (helping other moms create businesses they love.)

Michelle Conway
Chief Organizer at Perfect Life Organizer™

What you’ll receive in this 12 week program:

  • 1 x 90 minute session to set the foundation for the goals that you want to achieve in the next 3 months.
  • 11 x 60 minute sessions with a 15 minute buffer — We’ll aim to complete the session in 60 minutes but depending on what comes up during the session, we may need more time to fully complete the session without rushing the process. For this reason, allow yourself an extra 15 minutes when scheduling just in case we need to go over time.
  • mp3 recordings of each session so that you can re-visit and gain greater insights.
  • Pre-session Self Discovery Fun Sheet and Meditation to kick start the process and get clear on where you want to grow to in 3 months time
  • Post-session Reflection worksheets to help you get clarity on the beliefs and behaviours that both serve you and hold you back from accomplishing your goals
  • Goal Setting worksheet that connects your goals with practical and achievable step-by-step actions as well as an accompanying
  • Activity Tracking worksheet so that you keep sight of your goals and progress
  • Post-session weekly action plan — we’ll tailor your ‘homework’ for the week based on what came out of our session
  • Any other worksheets that I may create as needed to support you on this journey (and I welcome any suggestions that you have!)
  • my commitment that – providing you do the work – by the end of our 12 weeks together you’ll have a custom made plan with easy to follow action steps that you can take and run with on your own to realise the vision that you have of yourself and your business 3 months from now.


Investment for this 12 week program is $2,200 USD

Payment plans are available.

A Final Note…

Hey Lovely,

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t curious, if your intuition hadn’t drawn you to me or if, as some ladies have said “I got goose bumps reading your copy.”

If you feel hesitant or have questions about how I work and what to expect, you’re free to request an obligation-free clarity call and I’ll get back to within 24 hours.

Clarity calls achieve two things — they’re here for you to get all your questions answered and for us to figure out whether we’re a good fit.

The reason that I have an application process is because I also want to make sure that we’re a good match.

I worked with plenty of involuntary clients during my Social Work days, and while I recognise that it’s important work, the clarity that came for me was that I only want to work with women who are whole-heartedly willing to take responsibility for themselves, for their well-being and their actions to create the lives that they really want.

So, if you’re willing to take a deep and honest look at yourself, if you’re willing to take ownership over your life and actions and do the work that we map out together, then there’s a good chance

I don’t know what the next ‘right’ step is for you — you’re the expert of your own life.

What I can do though, is hop on a call with you and together we can discover whether I’m the right person to walk this transformative journey with you and help you get to the next level in your life and business.

Xx Mariana

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