Amplify Your Awesomeness

Show Up Consistently

As That Confident Woman

That Your Clients Can’t Get Enough Of


For the female entrepreneur who’s ever felt or said…

  • l’d love to be *that* woman who walks into a room and totally owns it!

  • I wish I felt confident in myself instead of feeling like a constant fraud about to be found out.

  • I wish that putting myself out there was easy – as easy as just doing it and not giving a f*ck about what other people think.

True or False?

To bring your Best Self and

your A-Game to your business,

particular parts of your personality need

to be drivers’ seat?

Imagine yourself sitting in the your C.E.O. chair.

How would you describe yourself?


Do you show up every day with:

▢ Confidence

▢ Clarity

▢ Creativity

▢ Focus


At the end of the day, can you say that you:

▢ you were productive

▢ you moved the needle

▢ you created something new

▢ you made a meaningful difference

▢ you had fun working in your zone of genius?


If you can’t tick these boxes consistently, that’s not something to give yourself a hard time about. It’s not even surprising when you consider that…

You’re a one-woman show

Some days you feel more like a circus act than a business owner

as you juggle all the different roles you play:


▢ clever wordsmith

▢ social media wizard (being everywhere at once)

▢ confident video personality

▢ magnetic client attractor

▢ authentic relationship builder

▢ organisational admin genius

▢ savvy business strategist


You knew this entrepreneurial journey would be a challenge with many learning curves so you’ve invested in yourself, in more courses that you’re comfortable to admit, in automated systems, in research time, in masterminds and coaches to get the support you need BUT…

No one told you about ALL the emotional *stuff* you’d have to navigate on this journey 

*Stuff* like:

  • sweaty palms and tight fist in your solar plexis anxiety when it comes to sales calls, pressing play on a FB live or reaching out to a potential client
  • getting stuck in self doubt, stuck in fear over raising your rates, and stuck with clients that don’t pay you what you’re worth (which means that you’re undercharging for the awesome value you give your clients!)
  • being side-tracked by negative chatter that goes something like this: “You’re not good enough, you’re not qualified enough, you’re not experienced enough, you’re not ready, you’re an imposter, people will think you’re sales–y, you suck at selling, you can’t do that….”

With ALL the roles you have to fill and ALL this emotional *stuff* going on – tapping into your Best Self can sometimes feel like mission impossible.

The session with Mariana was incredible.

I connected with my inner saboteur and also discovered a new ‘friend’ that had been hiding inside of me.

In just one session I gained a deeper awareness of my inner blocks as well as a personally empowering strategy for working with the different parts of my personality.

I left the session feeling in control of my life and the direction my business is heading.

Jane Rapin
Solicitor and Performance Coach

Discover And Connect With the Specific Parts Of Your Personality That Will Propel Your Business Forward

In this 12 week, 1:1 coaching program I’ll walk you through an interactive process where you’ll:


with those parts of your personality that you want to see, hear and feel more of – parts that you already own even if you think you don’t! – and use them as a force for awesomeness in your business.


all aspects of yourself, even the parts you may not like or think of as useful, so that you’re not just surviving but thriving and becoming the active, confident and creative entrepreneur that you want to be.


and strengthen your connection to the parts of your personality that you most want – whether it’s Confidence, Focus, Creativity, Inspiration or Courage – with practical, step by step strategies so you can…

Show Up As Your Authentic Self With Confidence,

Create More Ease & Flow In Your Business,

Achieve Your Goals

& Have Fun Doing It!

This isn’t about changing who you are.

It’s about Becoming More

of who you want to be.

You already have *everything* you need inside of you.

Once you consciously connect with the different aspects of your personality; once you experience them in your body and feel them at a soul level, you can use this awareness and begin to intentionally channel that energy into your business.

In this 3 month program you’ll get ….

  • clarity on what you need right now to move forward in your business
  • greater awareness of the different aspects of your personality and how they operate in your business
  • a personalised action plan so that you can engage with these different parts of yourself and channel them into your business however and whenever you choose

as well as….

  • confidence to speak up, put yourself out there and raise your prices because – let’s face it – most women under sell themselves!
  • courage to stretch out of your comfort zone, hop on that sales call, write that proposal and reach out to that influencer you’ve been wanting to connect with
  • increased productivity because once you see it coming, you won’t be beaten down by negative chatter or derailed by self sabotage

so that you….

  • implement more often and procrastinate a lot less
  • achieve your goals more effectively and more consistently
  • attract your soul clients because you’re owning who you are and showing up in greater degrees of authenticity.

How it works…

  1. We’ll identify your *awesome 3* which are the top 3 parts of your personality that you want to connect with, and each week we’ll hop on a call to
  2. Connect with them! Using the process of Voice Dialogue (developed by Hal & Sidra Stone), we’ll have a conversation with each of your awesome three, whether it’s your inner CEO, your inner Alchemist or your inner Creative Muse
  3. Create an action plan that includes practical strategies you can use to strengthen your connection to these parts of yourself.

During the 3 months, we’ll meet every 2 weeks (for steps 1+2+3 above) and in the in-between weeks you’ll have unlimited email support where you can email me any time with your questions. 


This experience is like having a direct pipeline to your soul!

Mariana helped me to tap into my inner wisdom and I received information that gave me a much-needed deeper understanding of my situation.

I loved working with her! I’ve been able to move forward with my business, where before I felt stuck.

Barb Roehler — Graphic Designer

Show Up For Yourself & Get Results…

If you could activate – on demand – just one of these qualities and bring it into your business, IMAGINE how that would affect your productivity, your creativity, your income statement and your day to day emotional life!

What if you could access your creative side more consistently?

  • Effortlessly brainstorm topic ideas for your social media and blog, and actually write those posts!
  • Share content infused with your unique perspective and voice
  • Dare to step outside of your comfort zone and colour outside the lines without fear or perfectionism holding you back.

What if you were more consistent and disciplined?

  • Tick things off your To Do list like a boss
  • Sit down at your desk and consistently write, post and share your insights and practical strategies
  • Carve out time to grow your business instead of just engaging in ‘busy’ work.

What if you were more confident?

  • Tap into your inner well of confidence and overcome shyness and fear of large groups
  • Speak up and show yourself without the fear of: “What will people think of me?”
  • Initiate contact with peers and potential clients.

What if you could bring more of yourself to your business without having to give up parts of yourself?

  • Explore who you through the lens of curiosity and compassion
  • Embrace all aspects of yourself
  • Combine supposedly incompatible parts of yourself – like being professional whilst also revealing your quirky side.

Here’s what’s included…

  • 6 x 60 minute Voice Dialogue sessions with a 15 minute buffer — we’ll aim to complete the session in 60 minutes but depending on what comes up during the session, we may need more time to fully complete the session without rushing the process. For this reason, allow yourself an extra 15 minutes when scheduling just in case we need to go over time. These sessions will take place every two weeks.
  • 6 x 30 minute check-in sessions. These sessions will take place every 2 weeks so that one week you have a 60 minute Voice Dialogue session which will be followed by a check-in session the week after.
  • Self Discovery Workbook to kick start the process and get clear on what what entrepreneurial qualities you want to connect with. This is going to set the foundation for what you want to achieve during the 3 sessions.
  • Unlimited email support which means that you can email me with any questions you have at any time. I will answer all questions on my response days which are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays CET
  • Mp3 recordings of each session so that you can re-visit and gain greater insights.
  • Personalised weekly action plan — we’ll meet every 2 weeks  tailor your ‘homework’ for the week based on what came out of our session
  • My commitment that, providing you do the work, by the end of our 6 sessions together you’ll have connected with your top 3 entrepreneurial qualities and have practical strategies to continue engaging with and strengthening those parts of yourself, as well as strategies for clearing other inner blocks that come up.


$2,500 USD

If you’d like to work with me on achieving your goals by bringing MORE of yourself into your business,

I’d LOVE to connect with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What process do you use to help people connect with the different 'parts' of their personality?

The specific technique used to connect with the different parts, or facets of your personality, is called Voice Dialogue.

Voice Dialogue is a tool for conscious transformation that was developed by two psychologists, Drs Hal and Sidra Stone in the 1970s. Their theory is called the Psychology of Selves, which is based on the understanding that the human personality is multi-faceted. We are made up of different ‘parts’ which you can also call inner voices, sub-personalities, energy patterns or, as the Stones call them, different Selves.

Some of the inner selves you might be familiar with already include the voice of our Inner Critic, your Inner Pusher, Nurturer, Perfectionist, Spontaneous Self, Rule Maker and your Inner Rebel.

The purpose of Voice Dialogue is to connect with these different parts, learn more about them, and through this greater awareness be able to choose when and where we express them in our life.

The purposes of this program is to connect with those parts of your personality that you want to be able to access more of in your business.

I’m not good at expressing my inner world – will this work for me?

As long as you approach these sessions with curiosity and an openness to explore what’s going on in your inner world – yes – this will work for you.

If you aren’t used to this type of work, it might feel a little awkward at first but, you might also be surprised at how easy and in-flow it can be when you drop into your body and allow your inner voices to express themselves more fully.

What happens if I'm resistant to this type of work or if something comes up that I don't want to look at?

You’re in control and aware of what’s going on the whole time.

You’re also the Boss and I’m your Guide on this journey, which means that you decide what you want to explore and how deep you go. You set the boundaries and I’ll always check in with you to see what’s ok and what’s not.

If resistance comes up and you’d like to work with that energy, then that’s what we’ll do. If you don’t feel ready for that – that’s ok – we’ll move on to something that does feel right for you.

The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and safe.

This was such a POWERFUL session and I felt completely held in the space by Mariana.

She was able to piece together what felt like my ramblings and really articulate for me the areas that I most wanted to focus on, or the ‘glue’ that pulled all the other bits together.

I loved how this came together.

I felt a huge sense of relief knowing that I am able to access my creativity whenever I choose, it’s always with me and Mariana was able to connect me with that in a way that I can now use everyday.

What I loved most is she was able to integrate both what was going on in my head and my heart.

Danielle Brooker
Life Coach at The Daisy Patch

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